Welcome to Austin, Lonestar country!

In the year 2076, Austin, TX is now a part of the Confederated American States. Sort of. The north side of the Colorado River is still a part of Texas and the Confederated American States. South of the Colorado River is Aztlan territory. This alone makes Austin a hotbed of Shadowrun activity.

Add to it that Austin is the home of the double AA rated corporation Lonestar, and its university and tech community have only continued to thrive and lots of opportunities exist for entrepreneurial shadowrunners.

Will you join Aztechnology‘s shadow war against the the CAS? Will you join in the internal struggle of Lonestar’s Board of Directors? Or will you dive into the desert barrens surrounding the shining city buildings to aid its inhabitants? Or will you join the cutthroat R&D world trying to get one up on your employer’s competitors?

Shadows of Austin

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