Shadows of Austin

In the beginning...
How six runners came together to form the current team

In attendance:
John – played by Seth
Silas – played by Kain
Critter – played by Pete
Zachariah – played by Nich
James – played by Jeff
Noise – played by Read


Years ago, John and Silas both spent time on the streets. They ran together, and were part of a group that stuck together for safety and community. Though John worked his way off the streets and eventually into the military, he and Silas were friends then, and have remained friends through today. While John was off playing soldier in foreign lands, Silas worked himself out of the streets through the gangs and finally into bounty hunting.

Critter, a rigger who worked for some time as a Coyote, helped smuggle a dwarven rastashaman named Zachariah into the CAS from Aztlan. It was Critter’s last good coyote run, most of his Aztlan side contacts were burned in that run, and Critter and Zachariah decide to join the shadows of Austin at least until they could get back into Aztlan.

Meanwhile, Silas (now a bounty hunter) was given a contract to go after an errant playboy that was missing. This turned out to be James, who quickly talked Silas out of taking him in. They recognize the divergent skills each other had and decided that they would work well together, so James started helping Silas get his bounties. When a few too many bounty hunts went south, they decided to duck into the shadows of Austin and find work as runners.

In the meantime, Critter and Zachariah had joined a shadowrunning team. Their fixer brought in a retired military special forces officer that had joined the shadows to escape the military he had grown to hate. They got a run to raid a local Horizons facility. A corporate black ops team attacked the facility during the run (everyone suspects the Johnson may have betrayed them). During the attack they met up with Noise, a Horizon middle manager, who convinced them to take him with them.

With the black ops team coming down hard on the building, they needed all the extra edge they could and the
Noise turned out to have quite the knack for getting them through the electronic net that had been slung around them. In the process though, the teams decker and two other street samurais got geeked by the black ops squad.

John, knowing the team needed more muscle called on his childhood friend Silas, who brought in James. The six of them made their escape, and went to ground. Now having licked their wounds, and watching their accounts dwindle, they have decided it is time for another job…


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